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Cake Flavors

White Cake

Cake batter using only the egg whites to give a true white cake

Vanilla Cake

Light creamy vanilla cake batter

Vanilla Bean Cake

Rich vanilla cake batter mixed with Madagascar vanilla beans

Lemon Cake 

Zesty Lemon batter with fresh lemon juice and zest

(oranges and limes can be used as well)

Marble Cake

Your choice of 2 flavors of cake batter.

(Most popular vanilla & chocolate)

Milk Chocolate Cake

Light and mild chocolate cake batter

 Chocolate Fudge Cake

Dark intense chocolate cake batter

Pink Lemonade Cake

White Cake batter tinted pink paired with

my sweet/tart lemon butter cream icing

Butter Pecan Cake (add $2 per tier)

Buttery cake batter with bits of pecans throughout

Spice Cake

Blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and just a hint of cloves brings out all the flavors in this cake

Strawberry Cake 

Flavorful Strawberries mixed in the cake batter

Carrot Cake 

Just how you remember...fresh carrots and walnuts combined in the cake

Red Velvet Cake 

Rich red chocolate cake batter

Buttercream Icings & Fillings

Vanilla <> Vanilla Bean <> Strawberry <> Cookies and Cream <> Chocolate

Peanut Butter <>Cinnamon 

Chocolate Chip <>Lemon <> Cream Cheese 

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Single Round Tier Cakes

4" Round (serves 4)

5" Round (serves 8)

6" Round (serves up to 12)

8" Round (serves up to 20)

9" Round (serves up to 24)

Stacked Round Tier Cakes

4" & 6" Round (serves up to 16)

6" & 8" Round (serves up to 32)

6" & 9" Round (serves up to 40)

5" & 8" Round (serves up to 28)

5" & 9" Round (serves up to 32)

4",6" & 9" Round (serves up to 44)

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Cakes with Fondant accents adds an additional charge

**Applicable tax to all orders is 7%**